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New Minors

Unless otherwise noted, all new programs are pending approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Creativity Studies in Education

The graduate minor in Creativity Studies in Education develops knowledge, skills, and dispositions for (a) encouraging creative action in individuals, groups, and environments and (b) critically analyzing creativity discourses and practices in schools and society.

The complexity of life in Texas and the world today requires critical thinking, openness to different perspectives, and the questioning of assumptions. Excellence in serving the needs of the diverse population of Texas and the world beyond requires skills and dispositions associated with creative action. A minor in Creativity Studies in Education will support the development of graduate students who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be both better citizens and better leaders in their chosen professions. A minor in Creativity Studies in Education supports the mission and values of Texas State, especially in its roles as a public institution of higher education and as a Hispanic-Serving Institution.


Start Date: Fall 2018

Academic Home: Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Latina/o Studies

The interdisciplinary Latina/o Studies (LATS) minor will provide students with knowledge of the social, cultural, political, and economic conditions and contributions of Latinas/os and it will enhance the training of students as professionals in many fields. The minor will enrich students’ learning about cultural pluralism and will teach them interpersonal and other skills needed in the workforce. Using a complement of courses from disciplines across the university, this minor will: (1) offer an academic and scholarly foundation for students to understand the experiences of Latinas/os using a global perspective; (2) educate students about the cultural competency skills necessary to work with Latina/o communities; and (3) expose students to the theoretical and research methodologies in Latina/o Studies. View the proposed timeline located on the Latina/o Studies minor webpage.


Start Date: Fall 2018

Academic Home: Department of Sociology

Music Composition

The Music Composition minor will be available to students pursuing a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) major in Music Studies, a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) major in Performance, or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) major in Sound Recording Technology. Students interested in the minor in Music Composition must apply to the School of Music, pass a portfolio review, and interview with Composition faculty. Required courses will include Composition lessons, Advanced Music Theory courses, music electives, and a Junior Recital. This proposed minor is similar to other undergraduate minors (Jazz, Mariachi, and Opera) in the School of Music in that it will be restricted to students admitted to the School.


Start Date: Fall 2018

Academic Home: School of Music

African American Studies

The interdisciplinary African American Studies (AAS) Minor will provide students a deeper understanding of the African diaspora, as well as the complex history, culture, and contributions of Africans and African Americans to our society. The minor will be centered on history and culture and will add breadth of educational opportunities offered to all students. View the proposed timeline located on the African American Studies minor webpage.


Start Date: Fall 2019

Academic Home: Department of History