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Latina/o Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Latina/o Studies (LATS) minor will provide students with knowledge of the social, cultural, political, and economic conditions and contributions of Latinas/os and it will enhance the training of students as professionals in many fields. The minor will enrich students’ learning about cultural pluralism and will teach them interpersonal and other skills needed in the workforce. Using a complement of courses from disciplines across the university, this minor will: (1) offer an academic and scholarly foundation for students to understand the experiences of Latinas/os using a global perspective; (2) educate students about the cultural competency skills necessary to work with Latina/o communities; and (3) expose students to the theoretical and research methodologies in Latina/o Studies.

Academic Program Coordinator

Questions about the LATS minor may be directed to Dr. Gloria Martinez, professor in the Department of Sociology. Dr. Martinez can be reached by email at or by phone at 512.245.2470.

Additionally, a search is currently underway for an assistant professor in Sociology specializing in Latina/o Studies and/or Race and Ethnicity.

Proposal Timeine

Click here for the proposal timeline.

List of courses

The Latina/o Studies Minor is an 18-hour program consisting of six hours of required courses and twelve hours of electives.

LATS 2300 – Introduction to Latina/o Studies (WI) – writing intensive course that will contextualize the historical origins, demographic changes, and contemporary issues facing Latinas/os. With a focus on the development of Latina/o ethnicities and identities, the course will be an excellent introduction to how Latina/o Studies fit into the broader trends of comparative ethnic studies. The course will expose students to a range of social theories, research methods, and applications relevant to both academe and public policy.

LATS 4325 – Latina/o Identities, Communities, and Social Change (WI) – writing intensive course where students will learn about the continuities and change of different Latina/o communities from an interdisciplinary perspective. To understand the underlying conditions facing them and the ways Latina/o community function, the course will explore demographic movements and the settlement of Latina/o communities and their cultural expressions. In this course, students will examine, compare, and contrast how Latina/o communities are constituted, understand the role of public policy, and examine leadership strategies to address important issues impacting Latinas/os at the family, local, national, and global levels.

In addition to the two required courses, students may choose four courses from the following electives. Please refer to the university catalog for more information on each course.

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  • ARTH 4314 Art and Politics

    ARTH 4321O Colonial Art of Latin America (WI)

    ANTH 3324 Mexican American Culture

    ANTH 3350 Gender and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

    CJ 3322 Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice

    COMM 3318M Intercultural Communication in the Americas

    CTE 3313C Entrepreneurship

    CTE 3313D Leadership Professional Development

    ENG 3341 Studies in World Literature and Contemporary Culture (WI)

    ENG 3343 The Work and Career of Sandra Cisneros (WI)

    ENG 3344 Chicano/a Narrative and Social History (WI)

    ENG 4325 Literature of the Southwest: Borderlands Narratives (WI)

    FCD 4358 Latino Youth & Families

    GEO 3308 Latin American Geography

    GEO 3349 Population Geography

    GEO 3353 American Ethnic Geography

    HIST 2312 History of World Civilization from the 17th Century (WI)

    HIST 3369Z Immigration and Ethnicity

    HIST 3371B American Health and Illness

    HIST 4372 Mexican American History

    HIST 4373 Economic and Social History of the Americas

    MC 4319 Latinas/Latinos and the Media

    MKT 3385 Ethnic and Niche Marketing

    MUSE 3102 Salsa del Rio

    MUSE 3103 Texas State Mariachi: Mariachi Nueva Generación & Mariachi Lince de Oro

    MUSE 3108 Orquesta del Rio

    PHIL 4372 Latin American Philosophy (WI)

    POSI 4323 Latina/o Politics (WI)

    POSI 4358 United States-Latin American Relations (WI)

    PSY 3334 Psychology of Human Diversity (WI)

    SOCI 3320 Population Dynamics

    SOCI 3322 Latinos and Immigration

    SOCI 3327 Multicultural Relations

    SOCI 3333 The Sociology of Popular Music

    SOCI 3375K Latinos and Aging

    SPAN 3308 Advanced Composition (WI)

    SPAN 4312 Contemporary Hispanic Linguistics

    SPAN 4370 Hispanic Literature of the Southwest: Spaces and Images (WI)

    TH 4303 Ethnic Theatre Workshop