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African American Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary African American Studies (AAS) minor will provide students a deeper understanding of the African diaspora, as well as the complex history, culture, and contributions of Africans and African Americans to our society. The minor will be centered on history and culture and will add breadth of educational opportunities offered to all students.

Statement of Progress

The Provost convened a working committee composed of representatives from Texas State’s nine colleges to explore the feasibility of an African American Studies Minor. Following the completion of the feasibility report in February of 2018, the committee was tasked to develop a proposal for the new minor. Dr. Audwin Anderson, director of the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies, in the College of Liberal Arts, is the committee chair. The committee is expected to complete the proposal in the fall of 2018 with an anticipated start date in the fall of 2019. Pending approval of the proposal, students who currently take courses approved for the AAS minor may apply those courses toward the minor when it becomes available.

A search for the academic program coordinator is planned to begin the fall of 2018. This position will reside in the Department of History.

Contact Information

Updates on the progress of the African American Studies minor proposal will be provided as they become available. Any questions may be directed to Dr. Dwonna Goldstone by email at or by phone at 512.245.2142.


Click here for proposed timeline.

List of Potential Courses

The African American Studies minor will be an 18-hour program consisting of two required courses that will be developed for the minor. In addition to the two required courses, the following is a list of courses currently identified as potential electives. Please refer to the university catalog for more information on each course.

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  • ANTH 3322 Peoples and Cultures of Africa

    ARTH 4310 Race and Representation

    CI 3310 Public Education in a Multicultural Society

    CJ 3322 Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice

    COMM 3318K Diversity and Communication

    COMM 3318K Diversity and Communication

    COMM 3318M Intercultural Communication in the Americas

    COMM 3329 Intercultural Communication

    COMM 4322 Rhetoric of Protests Movements

    DAN 2368 World Dance and Cultures

    DVST 3301 Introduction to Diversity Studies

    DVST 3320 Introduction to Global Issues in Diversity

    ENG 3331 Literature of Black America

    FCD 4351 Cultural Diversity of Families

    GEO 3353 American Ethnic Geography

    HIST 3359 African American History

    HIST 3369Y Black Women and Black Protest in America

    HIST 3378 History of the Blues

    HIST 4375B African-American Experience in Texas

    HIST 3368S History of Music & Race in the American South

    HIST 3346 The Civil War & Reconstruction

    HIST 4350A Slavery & Emancipation in the Americas

    HON 2305A African American Popular Music

    HON 2391Q African American Protest Thought & Action

    HON 3394Z The Black Image in Post War America

    HON 3392X The Contemporary African Novel

    HON 3397C Geography in Africa

    HON 2306C America in the 1960’s: A History of Movements & Ideas

    HON 2309M From Jay-Z to Kendrick Lamar: Politics, Power, and Identity in Hip Hop Literature

    HON 3394G Jazz: Cultural Diversity, Psychological & Political Zeitgests

    HON 3395R Hip-Hop Culture and Positive Youth Development

    HON 3395Y Juke, Twang, and Shout: Popular Music and Race in the U.S. South

    MC 4308 Women and Minorities in the Media

    MKT 3385 Ethnic and Niche Marketing

    MU 3375 History of Jazz

    MU 3380D History of Blues

    PHIL 4373 Themes in Africana Philosophy

    POSI 4331 Minority Politics

    POSI 4351 African Politics

    PSY 3337 Psychology of Prejudice, Discrimination, and Hate

    TH 4303 Ethnic Theatre Workshop