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New Academic Initiatives

The development of new academic programs at Texas State University is guided by the university strategic plan, the accreditation standards established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and by the university's Academic Affairs policy and procedure statements.

SACSCOC compliance standards section 6 states, “Qualified, effective faculty members are essential to carry out the mission of the institution and to ensure the quality and integrity of its academic program. The tradition of shared governance within American higher education recognizes the importance of both faculty and administrators in the approval of education programs.”

Key criteria for the prioritization of potential new academic programs include (1) alignment with the university's mission; (2) meeting the economic needs of the state of Texas; (3) broadening participation and ensuring student success; and (4) financial feasibility.

Policy Statements

AA/PPS 02.01.01 Academic Credit Courses: Additions, Changes and Deletions provides guidance for adding, changing, or deleting courses and is intended to help ensure the academic integrity of curricular development.

AA/PPS 02.01.10 Academic Programs: Additions, Changes and Deletions provides guidance for the development of new majors and minors.